Are you looking for ways to make an existing activity more engaging or to challenge a mindset? Playspace has developed games for team-building, collaboration, negotiation and creative problem solving.

Ideally, games are developed with the people in your organisation. A co-design process gives stakeholders a better idea of what factors are at play. Thus, you get twice the impact: an informative process and a well-fitting game.

Together we go through the stages of concepting, prototyping and testing. Playspace also takes care of art direction, working with renowned graphic designers like Tereza Ruller and Rejane Dalbello to give the whole package a strong contemporary look.

Playspace's focus is on physical games, since the absence of digital distractions and the valuable non-verbal communication make the overall game experience much more involved and focused.

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Total View

Total View is a tool for developing a creative business mindset. Playing the game gives you a chance to collaboratively discover your positions and business opportunities.

How can you recognise opportunities in the market where you can add value while at the same time holding on to your own principles as a designer? Total View gives you the ability to discover all these chances and opportunities.

The game was designed for, and with, Mark Schotman (who also brought us the Creative Business Map). Graphic Design by Tereza Ruller).

Total View comes in two editions: a board game and a card game adaptation.


Switch is a role-playing card game for children aged 10-15 which helps to consider different responses to challenging situations.

The game was commissioned by the Library of Rotterdam and the City of Rotterdam, to celebrate 550 years since the birth of Erasmus (in Rotterdam). His writing dealt with topics including language, behaviour and ethics. According to Erasmus, it is essential that people enter a dialogue to understand each other, and this is exactly what Switch instigates.

Switch was rigorously tested with three different schools in Rotterdam, over the course of a year. The game has been published in both English and Dutch in a limited edition of 2000 games. The base concept was developed in collaboration with Gamification students at Willem de Kooning Academy. Graphic Design by Tereza Ruller).

Other custom games

Other custom games include "Port Call" an internal training game for "Loodswezen" (The Dutch Pilots), "Stress Test" a simulation game for policymaking in the Social Domain at the City of Delft and a project that is now on pre-sale is "Zorg & Dwang" a game that helps teams of health care workers develop a human-centered approach while learning to do so within constraints of the new Dutch law "Zorg & Dwang" (Care and Coercion), designed for and with Jij & Jouw Team.

Interested in more examples of custom games made over the past years? Visit Playspace to have look at the portfolio.