Want to inspire people in your organisation on how to use the power of games in their daily practice? I have distilled ten years of experience down to high-impact workshops that work for any organisation, no matter what context.

Game Thinking

Over the years I worked on a collection of unique "Game Thinking" cards that unlock ideas from video games, board games and other play activities. Have you ever wondered how you can make an activity more engaging? Game Thinking will inspire you to do so. No matter if you have never played a game in your life or are an avid gamer, you can start applying insights from games straight away.

The workshop includes accessible illustrations of games that these elements are borrowed from as well as examples of practical application in non-game contexts.

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Motivation Mix

In a Motivation Mix workshop, using a set of ten different player motivation cards, you will reimagine your activities or services from the perspectives of a very diverse audience. You will be inspired about the hidden potential.

The Motivation Mix workshop is perfect for short, low-threshold workshops and can be combined with the Game Thinking workshop for a more in-depth training.

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