Welcome, my name is Bruno Setola and I am a Game Thinking consultant, speaker and facilitator. I research everything related to play and games with the purpose of inspiring people all around the world to reimagine how we can interact with each other in more engaging and meaningful ways.

My Story
In 2010 I became interested in Gamification and have been researching, practicing and teaching it ever since. With a background in design (7 years at Studio Dumbar) and didactics, it was a natural next step to start creating applied games that offer learning experiences.

Creating these games with my clients was incredibly engaging. I soon realized that the true value was in the collaborative process of looking at real-life situations as if they were games. This marked the birth of "Game Thinking". As a Game Thinker, my mission is to reimagine the game of Living, Learning and Working together.

Alongside my consulting practice, I developed the Game Thinking curriculum at Willem de Kooning Academy in 2013 and still teach it to this day.

My Life in Play
Even though my daily work is very motivating and rewarding in itself, I also like to play for play's sake. I play a lot of video games and board games, create lego sculptures, imagine fantasy worlds with my son, explore the city as Playspacer and play with interesting people during long Urban Playwalks.

If you want to know more about what inspires me, simply click on the icons in the 360 degree image above and discover what I read, think, use, play and listen to.

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