The Player Motivations Deck

Introducing a new deck - applicable to any projects where player motivation preferences are being explored...

Introducing the ultimate Player Motivations deck: 12 cards which don’t subscribe to the behaviourist approach (where environmental punishment and reward is enough to achieve extrinsic motivation). These cards can help designers work out intrinsic player motivations and build them into projects. They were originally developed as part of the SPOT playground project, but have now been released as a standalone set as they are a multifunctional tool.

The cards are based on various player type theories from the likes of Richard Bartle, Nicole Lazzaro and Amy Jo Kim, but also on complementary aspects of Marshall Rosenberg’s Needs Inventory.

People’s motivations are fluid and depend on the context that they find themselves in; different cards will apply to players at different times and the deck explores the different forms of engagement that players may have.

The deck is aimed at game designers but is very accessible for non-game situations that are being approached with a game thinking mindset.

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