The SPOT project has received funding from CityLab010 and is going full steam ahead with plans and prototyping!

SPOT (Speelplek Participatieve Ontwerp Toolkit) is for all Rotterdam children who need more varied play areas. The SPOT toolkit contains design challenges which help children and supervisors work out how they can make play areas fun and challenging again. The focus is not on redesigning but on repurposing - working with existing elements and creating activities around them.

The current plan is that SPOT will have three parts: SPOT Junior, SPOT Senior and SPOT Catalogue. Junior will encourage children to create games, helping them to develop the play opportunity mindset. Senior will have some more complex elements and will be aimed at young adults, again with the aim of creating games for children. The Catalogue will be an expanding collection of the games created using SPOT. All the games will welcome updates and rule-bending. SPOT also helps to keep games balanced so that everyone has a fair and equal chance at having fun, regardless of ability. SPOT makes the playground experience more imaginative, physically active and encourages participants to take initiative.

Read more about the project here.