When we cannot change an undesirable situation, it's often because we stick to the existing rules of the game. Ruleplay offers a safe way to look into these (often implicit) roles and rules and experience what would happen if you were to change them.

Within our world, there are numerous different rules through which we are guided, influenced, constrained and formed by during our daily lives. Some of these, such as traffic rules, laws, and other obligations are written down, while others (such as laws of etiquette, values and norms) aren’t. In addition, some interpersonal rules, such as race, gender, and religious stereotyping, aren’t experienced as rules at all, but still guide, influence and constrain us. Each of those rules influence our behaviour to a certain extent; sometimes because we follow them, other times because we, at times unknowingly, transgress them. By understanding how these rules function and by experimenting with them in a safe environment (play space), we allow the community to rethink the rules of society, check whether they can withstand criticism, and eventually propose new rules that allow us to "play better together".